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About Institutional Effectiveness


The Institutional Effectiveness Division oversees the development and operation of a comprehensive technical assistance program to further student success. The program overlays every division of the Chancellor’s Office – including academic affairs, student services, economic & workforce development, research, and fiscal - and will develop a framework of indicators focused on accreditation, fiscal viability, student performance, and compliance with state and federal guidelines. In addition, to the new division, the state also invested resources to support proactive technical assistance to be provided through a partnership between a community college district and the Chancellor’s Office. The framework of indicators will be developed with input from internal and external stakeholders and will serve as the foundational standards for our partner community college district to assess fellow colleges/districts. The partner community college district will utilize a broad range of activities – professional development opportunities, best practices identification, technical assistance, and program improvement – to assess the effectiveness of a community college’s operational environment. The catalyst for this effort has been the student success movement and the implementation of evidence based strategies proven to improve student success.

The goal of Institutional Effectiveness is to work closely with the Board of Governors, internally within the Chancellor’s Office, and with colleges/districts to develop, monitor, measure, and implement a framework of data analysis and standards that will support all community college districts – those in need as well as stable districts to highlight and cross pollinate exemplary programs between districts/colleges. Ultimately, the colleges will benefit from technical assistance and training to address the issues associated with accreditation sanctions and students will benefit from fiscally and operationally effective institutions.