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MiraCosta College Programs

220000 -- Social Sciences
Instructional programs in all aspects of the past and present activities, conduct, interactions and organizations of humans.


Social Sciences, General
University Studies: Social Sciences

Programs that combine coursework from various different disciplines within the social sciences.
Units needed for degree: 24 units

American Studies
American Studies

History, society, politics, culture, and economics of the United States and pre-Columbian predecessors.
Units needed for degree: 18 units

University Studies: Anthropology

The origins, physical and cultural development, technologies, social customs, and beliefs of mankind.
Units needed for degree: 25 units

Ethnic Studies
Multi-Cultural Studies

Programs that focus on the culture and history of ethnic and minority groups.
Units needed for degree: 18 units

University Studies: Economics

Study of limited resources, their use in producing goods and services, and their allocation and consumption; and related theories, principles, and techniques.
Units needed for degree: 19 units

University Studies: History

The past, including the recording, gathering, criticizing, synthesizing, and interpreting evidence about past events.
Units needed for degree: 22 units

University Studies: Geography

Earth and its life in land, sea, and air, including the distribution of plant and animal life, human beings, human settlements and industries, and the interaction of these factors.
Units needed for degree: 27 units

Political Science
University Studies: Political Science

Description and analysis of political institutions and processes, including the origin, development, geographical units, forms, sources of authority, powers, purposes, functions and operations of government and related theories of social benefit.
Units needed for degree: 25 units

University Studies: Sociology

Human society, social institutions, and social relationships, including such things as the development, purposes, structures, functions, and interactions of human groups.
Units needed for degree: 24 units

Area Studies
Asian Studies

Programs that focus on defined regions or countries of the world.
Units needed for degree: 24 units