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Ca�ada College Programs

100000 -- Fine and Applied Arts
Instructional programs that study the perception, appreciation and creation of diverse modes of communicating ideas and emotion by means of visual and nonvisual representations and symbols; subject to esthetic criteria and related functions.


Fine Arts, General
Art with an Emphasis in Art History

Appreciation and production of works of art that express artistic intention.
Units needed for degree: 23 units

Art (Painting, Drawing, and Sculpture)

Two and three dimensional techniques in the areas of painting, drawing, and sculpture.
Units needed for degree: 18 units


Art and technique of combining sounds of various timbres in harmonic, rhythmic and/or melodic forms, which are artistically expressive.
Units needed for degree: 18 units

Dramatic Arts
Theater Arts

Drama, theater and interpretation.
Units needed for degree: 18 units