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In 1915, Santa Ana College (SAC) opened its doors to 26 students as a department of Santa Ana High School in Santa Ana.  It was the second junior college founded in Orange County, behind Fullerton College, and the fourth oldest in California.

SAC is known for its academic programs as well as top-ranked student services. Students can enroll for full semester, mini-semester, weekend and online classes. A wide variety of courses are available in business, math and sciences, arts and humanities and career and vocational education. SAC offers more than 300 subjects leading to the associate degree in science or arts or vocational certificates.

Approximately 28,000 students are enrolled in courses leading to transfer and the attainment of associate degrees. Another nearly 22,000 are enrolled in adult continuing education. In addition, another 2,000 students district-wide are enrolled in short-term, fee-supported classes through the Community Services Program.

In 2008, the college was recognized by Community College Week as one of the top associate degree producers for Hispanic students in the nation. It was also was eighth among the top 100 and also ranked 18th among the top 100 associate degree producers for Asian American students.

Chart --  Santa Ana College Student Demographic Details by Age Groups

Pie Chart image: Santa Ana College Student Demographic -- Ethnicity

Gender % -- 2012-13
Female 42.5%
Male 57.3%
Undeclared 0.3%

Total annual transfers to UC
(2004 to 2009)

Santa Ana College transfers to University of California graph from 2004 to 2009
Total annual transfers to CSU
(2004 to 2009)

 Santa Ana College  to California State University Transfers Graph from 2004 to 2009

Degrees and Certificates
Awarded in
Associate in Arts for Transfer (A.A.-T) Degree 61
Associate of Arts (A.A.) degree 1212
Associate of Science (A.S.) degree 411
Certificate requiring 12 to < 18 units 172
Certificate requiring 18 to < 30 semester units 88
Certificate requiring 30 to < 60 semester units 961