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Los Angeles Pierce College

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6201 Winnetka Avenue
Woodland Hills, Calif. 91371-0001

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Pierce College, founded in 1947, provides opportunities for occupational training, transfer education and life-long learning.  The Woodland Hills campus is a comprehensive college with approximately 100 disciplines taught to more than 23,000 students each semester. It is one of the colleges of the Los Angeles Community College District on 426 acres in the western San Fernando Valley.

True to its beginnings more than 60 years ago as an agricultural college, Pierce still maintains large sections of tillable and range land preserved as an enclave within a suburban environment. A 226-acre farm spans the west side of campus, featuring an equestrian center and small herds of cattle, sheep and goats.

The creation of the 15-week semester plan led to higher enrollment, better learning and better retention. With two five-week summer sessions and one five-week winter session, students are enjoying the opportunity to move more quickly through the curriculum with greater academic success.

Pierce prepares its students for academic success after transferring to a university. A study by UCLA showed Pierce students graduated from UCLA with a higher grade-point average than students from any other transfer colleges.



Degrees and Certificates Awarded in 2013-2014
Associate in Science for Transfer (A.S.-T) Degree
Associate of Arts (A.A.) degree
Associate of Science (A.S.) degree
Certificate requiring 12 to < 18 units
Certificate requiring 18 to < 30 semester units
Certificate requiring 30 to < 60 semester units


2010-2014 TRANSFERS

Associate Transfer Degrees