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We wanted to share with you important topics relating to the nation’s largest system of higher education. Our video blogs communicate topical information relevant to our friends and colleagues both inside and outside of the system. A variety of people are featured in these videos from administrators and faculty to students and community leaders. We hope you find these videos interesting and we welcome your feedback and story ideas.   Please contact us at

Task Force on Workforce, Job Creation and a Strong Economy

January 2015

The California Community Colleges Board of Governors commissioned the Task Force for Workforce, Job Creation, and a Strong Economy with a goal of increasing individual and regional economic competitiveness by providing California’s workforce with relevant skills and quality credentials that match employer needs and fuel a strong economy. In this video, learn about the challenges California is facing and how the Town Hall meetings conducted by the Task Force will help employers and other stakeholders lend their voice to the solutions.

For more information about the Task Force for Workforce, Job Creation, and a Strong Economy, please visit the Doing What Matters for Jobs and the Economy website at



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