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Dec. 2, 2014

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Key Partner Added to California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office Initiative to

Provide Technical Assistance to Colleges

Effort aims to support operational effectiveness in era of rapid change within the college system

SACRAMENTO, Calif. – The California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office has partnered with College of the Canyons in a new effort to help community colleges throughout the state improve their fiscal and operational effectiveness and provide technical support that will promote student success.

Under the direction of the Chancellor’s Office new division of institutional effectiveness, College of the Canyons will build a robust technical assistance infrastructure to promote student success reforms and assist colleges that may be struggling with fiscal or accreditation challenges.
“No one individual has all the answers when it comes to keeping up with innovation, complying with regulatory changes or implementing effective student success policies,” said Chancellor Brice W. Harris. “This effort taps the collective expertise of our system and leverages it to ensure all colleges keep pace with changes designed to help more students succeed. We intend to be the coach, cheerleader and ‘help desk’ staff for colleges seeking guidance on how to improve their operations.”
The field work will include the deployment of subject experts to colleges seeking assistance in various operational areas, promotion of best practices in the improvement of student outcomes, professional development and training services as well as program evaluation. College of the Canyons will carry out its work under a five-year, $2.5 million grant from the Chancellor’s Office.
The team will work with Vice Chancellor for Institutional Effectiveness Theresa Tena as the Chancellor’s Office expands its capacity to provide direct assistance to colleges. California community colleges are in a period of unprecedented change focused on increasing the number of students who complete their educational goals. In August, the system set a goal of increasing the number of students earning certificates, degrees or transferring to four-year institutions by nearly a quarter of a million over the next 10 incoming freshman classes.
Mindful of the opportunities and challenges in this era of change, the Board of Governors as well as Gov. Brown and the Legislature have invested in support for institutional effectiveness.
“We are honored to have been chosen to help lead this effort, and we’re excited about the potential it represents,” said Dr. Dianne Van Hook, Chancellor of College of the Canyons. “By continuing to learn, striving for ongoing improvement and enhancing the effectiveness of our colleges, everyone wins – our students, those who support and invest in us, the businesses we serve, and our system. Collectively, we grow stronger, garner added respect for improved outcomes, and build our potential to do even more for our state.”
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