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California Community Colleges Chancellor Eloy Ortiz Oakley Issues Statement on Federal District Court’s Injunction Against Rescission of DACA


SACRAMENTO, Calif. – California Community Colleges Chancellor Eloy Ortiz Oakley issued the following statement on the federal court’s decision to temporarily block Trump administration’s decision to end Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program (DACA):


“Yesterday, a federal district court in California granted an injunction against the Trump administration’s rescission of the DACA program.  DACA allows individuals who were brought into the United States without documentation as children to remain in the United States, to work, and to get an education.  The Board of Governors for the California Community Colleges and I strongly supported this litigation, and are pleased with yesterday’s ruling.  We understand that the ruling will be appealed.  Nevertheless, individuals who are due to renew their DACA status, including those who have been unable to renew in recent months, should apply immediately.”




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