About Internal Operations

The Internal Operations Division provides leadership and staff support services to pilot the strategic success of the California Community Colleges and students. The team values responsiveness, results, and respect in delivering a broad range of services in human resources, including recruitment, examination services, health and safety, and equal opportunity.

The division oversees training and staff development, procurement and business services, budgets, benefits and payroll administration, accounting, mail and reproduction, grant and contract management, and policy development.

Key Contacts:

Steven Bruckman, executive vice chancellor
Coleen Adlfinger, associate personnel analyst
Payroll Transactions
Worker's Compensation
Nancy Venable, associate personnel analyst
Labor Relations
Examination Specialist
Job Opportunities 
Adria Sanders, associate personnel analyst
EAP Coordinator
EEO Coordinator & Investigator
Health and Safety Officer
Reasonable Accommodation Coordinator 

Executive Vice Chancellor of Legal Affairs and Internal Operations

Steven Bruckman

Executive Vice Chancellor of Operations and General Counsel Steven Bruckman was appointed to serve in the Chancellor's Office in 2006. He previously held an interim position, where he spearheaded the California Community Colleges System Strategic Plan, instituted internal reforms, developed the Leadership Academy for the staff, and worked with the colleges to support the students.

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