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About Digital Futures

Digital Futures is responsible for leading the Chancellor’s Office systemwide technology initiatives to evolve the system’s investment in data sciences, real-time data analytics, behavioral studies and system integration strategies in order to meet the goals of the Vision for Success.  This division’s work focuses on harnessing and leveraging statewide data to simplify and personalize the student experience, and guide them along their educational journey. 

Key Contacts:

Omid Pourzanjani, vice chancellor 

Omid Pourzanjani

Visiting Vice Chancellor for Technology, Research and Information Systems

Omid Pourzanjani

Dr. Omid Pourzanjani served the community college mission at Golden West College for more than 23 years prior to joining the Chancellor’s Office in 2017 as a visiting vice chancellor. During his time at Golden West College, he held positions as a professor, department chair, Senate officer, instructional dean, chief student services officer and chief instructional officer. Concurrent to these experiences, Dr. Pourzanjani served in executive leadership positions in high-tech multinational companies focused on organizational efficiency through business process re-engineering and information technology solutions.

In his new role, he plans to work with all California Community Colleges stakeholders to improve the integration between the many technology solutions, processes and practices to better guide our students through their educational pathways.

Dr. Pourzanjani received his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in computer science and engineering from California State University, Long Beach and his doctorate in education from University of California, Los Angeles. However, he credits his Career Education certificate and associate degree from Santa Monica College for moving him from a low-income job to a middle-income job and for getting him on his professional career path.